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Cap/Lid Lining/Assembly Machine

  • Automatic tower type cap assembly machine
  • Automatic tower type cap assembly machine
Automatic tower type cap assembly machineAutomatic tower type cap assembly machine

Automatic tower type cap assembly machine

  • Warranty :2 years
  • Speed: 0-8000 pieces/hour
  • Control: touch screen+PLC
  • cap diameter:10-50mm
  • Product description: Automatic tower type cap assembly machine oil bottle cap assembly machine

The machine can be widely used in bottle factory,gasket factory,pharmaceutical factory,food factory ,daily chemical factory,oil factory,Packing factory,pharmaceutical factory and other mechanical equipment.

Equipment structure constitutes:

The automatic covers neatens organization: arranging in great disorder bottle cover to the exportation,and making all upward covers

The  bottle cover transports organization: having the reason good bottle cover preface,transporting them to the filling gaskets organization accurately

The filling gaskets organization:

filling gaskets into the covers and check-up,then get rid of waster Attach mechanism:bad products will

automatic remove,like reverse side,no shim

equipment characteristics:

PLC control by mitsubshi,touch screen is HIM,bad product will automatic remove,automatic count,automatic alarm and stop

1) substitution of handicraft,the gaskets go into a bottle of cover automatically

2) pressurizing gaskets completely reasonably,quickly,efficiently,and the safe and hygiene products

3) suiting the usage situation which requests the hygiene condition specially,avoiding second pollution to the material,economizing a disinfectant craft

4) transporting the covers and accurate orientation system

5) neatening the cover organization can get rid of waster ,and all covers head up

6) the whole machine adopts PLC controls,reports to the police without the bottle cover or gaskets

7)auto count function,chooseing the suit gaskets to cover,getting rid of waster having no gaskets inside after filling gaskets into the cover