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Empty Bottle Bagging Machine

  • Empty bottle bagging packing machine
Empty bottle bagging packing machine

Empty bottle bagging packing machine

  • warranty: 2 years
  • Suitable: plastic bottles
  • Speed: 0-8000BPH
  • Control: touch screen+PLC
  • Product description: bottle bagging machine , empty bottle packing machine ,empty bottle bagging machine , bottle packing machine
The automatic bagging machine is designed to pack empty plastic containers into prepared plastic bags. The packing speed can be as much as 8,000 bottles per hour, which can improve the productivity greatly and reducing labor cost at the same time. This machine can bag plastic containers ranging from 20ml to 5L. It can be in line integrated with other bottle making equipments such as blow molding machine and labeling machine, fulfilling a full automatic production line for plastic containers.

High speed,high production capacity;

Big adjustable range,suitable for many products;

Wide application scope,can be connected with other machines,also can be used as a single machine;

Servo motor, Festo cylinder,SIEMENS PLC control and frequency converter

Technical Parameters:
Item Specifications Remarks
Container requirements 500ml-5L,
Ranging from 500 ml to 5L; the ratio between height and diameter should be less than 4

Packing bag size Length: 600 to 1350 mm; Width: 300 to 900 mm
Conveyor length Standard conveyor: L*W 2200mm*114.3mm Can be customized.
Conveyor height 850±50 mm Can be customized.
Air pressure 6-8 Bar Supplied by the purchaser
Power consumption 0.5KW
Output 3,000 to 4,000 per hour for 500 ml bottle

 Electric appliance of our machine (can be adjusted)
1 Main electronic parts SIEMENS/JAPAN
2 Electric protection switch SIEMENS/JAPAN
3 Circuit breaker SIEMENS/JAPAN
5 Photo electricity switch AUTONICS/KOREA
6 Pressuresensor SMC/JAPAN

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