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Automatic bottle water filling bottling line

  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Control : Mitsubishi PLC
  • Material: SUS304/316
  • Capacity: 12000BPH
  • Product description: Automatic mineral water bottling line/water production line with capacity from 2000BPH to 45000BPH , suitable bottle size from 200ml to 2000ml


This machine has washer,filler,capper three functions in one body, it is automatic in total process and suitable for PET bottled juice and tea drink which can resistant high temperature.

It also can be used for mineral water, pure water and many other no gas containing drinks. It makes by high quality SUS304, key parts are precision machined by NC tool.

The total machine uses advanced photoelectric detection technology to detect each parts operation status, no bottle no filling, and no bottle no capping, automatic and easy operation.

Main features of the equipments:

1.Using the wind sent access, with clamp hanging the bottle neck ; which can keep the bottle shape and high-speed.

2.Washing bottle mouth with special designed washing manipulator,clip in the bottle neck, stable and avoid secondary pollution.

3.Filling uses lifting valve, adopts micro pressure filling principle to ensure correct filling. 4Capping adopts

  French advanced technology, cap sorter install in a lower position, send cap in level position.

Washing- filling -capping system: 1 suit
Value washing system: 1suit
Empty bottle stop system when machine stop: 1 suit
Bottle control system when machine stop: 1 suit
UV sterilization lamp: 2 PCS
Crawl device: 1 PC

1, Worker put bottles into bottle unscrambler; Unscrambler will bring bottles into 3 in 1 machine
2, Worker put caps into cap elevtor; Elevator bring caps into 3 in 1 machine

Electrical apparatus
PLC/ transducer/ touch screen: Mitsubishi
Contactor/ air switch/ stabilized voltage supply: Schneider
Photoelectricity/ proximity switch: Autonics
Cylinder: Airtack
Motor: AB motor

Model CGF24-24-8
Capacity(B/H) 10000-12000
Bottle size Neck: φ 50-100mm Height: 150-320mm
Water pressure 0.18-0.25Mpa
Water consumption(kg/h) 3000
Filling precision +5MM
Air pressure 0.4Mpa
Air consumption 0.4m³ /min
Power(kw) 3
Weight(kg) 4500
Dimension(L*W*H) 3200*2100*2500mm