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  • Complete water production line
Complete water production line

As you know the water business will be a very good business , Low investment and high Yield , so if you want to do this investment , then you will need to know which necessery machines you will need to buy , here you can study all :

1. The water treament system :

--- , These machines needed is to produce pure/mineral drinking water from groundwater , river water , raw freshwater and so on .

2. PET bottle making machine:

---, This machines is used to produce the plastic water bottles , then we use it to pack water .

3. Water bottling machines:

---, This machines is used to pack the drinking water into bottles , then do cap on bottles .

4. Labeling machines:

---, This machines is used to do label on bottles , you know when you sell the bottled water , then you need show you logo ,brand , water information on bottles , this machines will do that to sticker/sleeve label on bottle body .

5. Packing machines :

--- , After bottles filled , labeled , then we need to pack bottles into a package , such as 12 bottles(3*4) one package , 24 bottles(4*6) one package and so on . Also some customer can choose pack bottles into paper cartons .

Besides , for a complete water production line will also need some other necessary auxiliary machines , so if you interested please not hesitating to send inquiry to us , we will do best service for you to help you .

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