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  • Complete juice production line
Complete juice production line

This production line is used for the production of fruit juice, vegetable protein drinks, function beverages, tea drinks and carbonated drinks.

According to customers' requirements, we can design the capacity of the line from 2000bph to 36000bph.

The complete production line including fruit processing system/extraction treatment system, water treatment system, sugar melting system/soda mixing system, homogenization &sterilization system, CIP system, bottle blowing system, bottle unscramble system, air deliver system, filling system, lamp check system, second sterilization system, labeling machine, drying machine, coding machine, wrap shrinking machine, conveyor, boiler etc

According to customer requirements, we can provide process flow and workshop layout design, full technical guidance

So if you interested please not hesitating to send inquiry to us , we will do best service for you to help you .

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